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Electronic Application Controler, Model MT403V-II

Our MT403V-11 Electronic Control System is designed to optimize application rates of liquid anti- and de-icing chemical solutions. Material costs and use effectiveness are optimized.

Four Operating Modes
English or metric units provide ease of use for various applications, including; Anti-icing, Roadside Spraying, Dust Control, and Turf Maintenance.

Selectable Servo Drive Options
Standard +/- DC Servo or Pulse Width Modulation

Extensive Downloadable Data List
Three data sets include: Volume, Area, Distance, Average/Highest Velocity and Start Time/Data Stamps.

Blast Switch
Allows pre-settable, high rate, timed application of products on bridge decks, intersections, and more. The blast can also be initiated by optional external switch or optional wireless remote.

Keylock Switch
Supervisor lockout switch prevents unauthorized changes to calibration settings or data counters.

Built-In Alarm Messages
Automatic notification if speed or flow signal is lost or the tank level is low.

Built-In Audible Alarm
Alerts operator to rate errors +/- 10%, low tank level or empty tank (if using optional tank switch).

Emergency Stop
Automatically shuts down operation if flow signal is lost.