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Salt Brine Techniques

As a leading innovator in liquid management solutions, our systems will help you fight snow and ice with proper anti-icing, pre-wetting and de-icing techniques.

ANTI-ICING: A proactive measure. Liquid solution is applied to a road before a snow and ice event to prevent the hard bond of snow and ice to the surface. Anti-icing operations work up from the road surface. It requires smaller amounts of deicing material, reducing product and application costs while limiting runoff to the environment.

DE-ICING: A reactive measure. Liquid solution is applied to a road during a snow and ice event to remove the hard bond of snow/ice to the surface. De-icing works from the top of the snow pack down to the roadway surface.

PRE-WETTING: The process of a liquid being added to a granular material as it is being applied to the road. This process speeds the rate at which the granular material melts the snow and ice. Pre-wetting improves the effectiveness of granular material at lower temperatures.